ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION in progressive lenses

Premium progressive lens NOVA UHD is developed with the latest state-of-the-art technologies providing effortless feel of natural vision and excellent aesthetics.

NOVA UHD is created for those seeking the finer things in life. This exclusive design is addressed for those users of progressive lenses who know class, for the discerning few who appreciate the finer things such as a premium progressive lens.

Digi-Contour technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and stands to be one of the most dynamic technological innovations in eyewear industry.

With the help of this technology, wearers can actually receive corrective lenses designed especially to accommodate his/her exact visual requirement.

+1.50 Ds/+2.50 Dc Axis 1800, N. Add. +2.00 Ds
+1.50 Ds/+2.50 Dc Axis 1800, N. Add. +2.00 Ds

Multi Aspheric Technology

Multi Meridian Processing calculates precisely numerous meridians on the back surface of the lens.

Conventional Pal
Higher levels of aberrations with smaller vision zones.
Nova Pal
Reduced aberrations with wider vision zones.

In Aberration Filter System 2.0, with high precision optimization of power characteristics and selective design, aberrations and distortions are greatly reduced.

NOVA PAL has Aberration Filter System with which it is possible to correct spherical aberrations and astigmatic distortions to a great extent.

Conventional Lens
Distortions at the periphery with conventional lens.
Nova Lens
Natural and clear vision at the periphery with reduced distortions.

With the help of Aberration Filter System 2.0, it is possible to reduce the oblique berrations according to the tilt of the lens & also curb down Higher Order Aberrations to a great extent.

It allows much better correction of the oblique and higher order aberrations by controlling the relative curvature changes through creation of arbitrary surfaces as per available scope.

In other words, it is possible to optimise the lens for all gazes, according to the visual requirements of each wearer.

Maxiview technology is able to modify the distribution of aberrations andreduce them to the minimum within the useful area of the lens.

It considers the real shape of the frame and uses a unique algorithm to minimise the aberrations within the useful area of the lens.

Binocular Balancing System balances the level of image deformations on both sides of the corridor.

Conventional Pal
Unwanted distortions when the image is viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time.
Nova Pal
Nova PAL offers clear vision in all zones of the lenses, eliminating unwanted distortions, even when the image is viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time.

With the use of digital profile, longer vertical area with 100% of the Addition is offered to the wearers. This helps in better adaptation and comfortable vision up-close.

Optireal corrects the optical aberrations and compensates the difference in power between the clinical and the resulting Rx when the user is wearing the lens to provide best visual clarity.

Taking the user’s position of wearing parameters into account when calculating the lens power, we obtain a personalised correction of the aberrations for a lens that is fully adapted to the specific wearer.

NOVA UHD with Slimtech technology has dynamically contoured vision zones, thanks to the patented algorithm of the design. This makes the lenses look aesthetically better while maintaining the best visual performance.

+ Reduced thickness of lenses makes them look even better in any type of frame.

+ This process makes it possible to reduce the visible edge thickness of spectacle lenses to a technically feasible minimum.

+ Lens design creates the perfect balance between visual performance (sharper vision) and aesthetics (thinner lenses).

+ The Slimtech thinning algorithm assures the thinnest lens possible for a fashionable appearance.

+ Customised design with lens power compensation as per the individual’s position of spectacle wear. This design takes into consideration the customer's lens prescription and frame parameters to optimise the best visual solution.

The unique visual needs of each wearer customizes the optical performance of the lens to meet the unique needs of the wearer's lifestyle.

NOVA UHD For those seeking the finer things in life

Nova UHD Lens provides anexcellent quality in vision. Forthose who know the class, forthe people who have an eye forthe finer things in life.


To analyse the visual behavior when using NOVA UHD, a controlled study was conducted comparing it with other products of the same category from the market.



This is sharper in all the cases



80% evidence on imporvement in peripheral vision



9 out of 10 users enjoyed a wider and more comfortable vision in the intermediate zone.