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Digi-Contour technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and stands to be one of the most dynamic technological innovations in the manufacturing of eyewear.

SPH : +3.00 ADD : + 2.00
SPH : +3.00 ADD : + 2.00
Mechanism of Conventional Progressive Lenses
Mechanism of NOVA Progressive Lenses

Nova PAL lenses are made using technologically advanced patented 100% BACK SURFACE ASPHERIC DESIGN.

Closer the prescription lens gets to your eyes, the wider you see.
Conventional Lens
Narrow field of vision with conventional lens.
Nova PAL Lens
Wider field of vision with NOVA lenses, as the prescription is closer to the eye.
NOVA PAL lenses come with noticeably reduced thickness by upto 85% by choosing Flatter Base Curves.

Multi Aspheric Technology

Multi Meridian Processing calculates precisely numerous meridians on the back surface of the lens.

Conventional Lens
Higher order of magnificationwith smaller vision zones.
Nova Lens
Reduced magnification with widervision zones as the wholeprescription is closer to the Eye.

In Aberration Filter System, with high precision optimization of power characteristics and selective design, aberrations and distortions are greatly reduced.

NOVA PAL has Aberration Filter System with which it is possible to correct spherical aberrations and astigmatic distortions to a great extent.

Conventional Lens
Distortions at the periphery with conventional lens.
Nova Lens
Natural and clear vision at the periphery with reduced distortions.