Nova Tiny!

The smallest progressive lens with fitting height of 13mm! You do not need to compromise in aesthetics just because you are now 40+. Nothing other than aesthetics now dictates the choice of presbyopic glasses!

Nova Tiny gives you the lowest recommended minimum fitting height among any leading short corridor progressive lens. That means you can now fit your progressive lens patients in a wider selection of frames with outstanding visual performance.

With Nova Tiny, distance vision is extra wide, with an angle of 140 degrees, for a truly panoramic view. Near vision requires only a small reduction in the eye and therefore allows a very natural behavior.

” Unique Digi Contour Technology ” back surface progressive lens design

In the past this was only possible with several limitations. Nova Tiny solves the problems as limitations in frame selection is a thing of past! Nova Tiny is specially developed for small frames and “customized” for each and every wearer.