Introducing Nova Plus Digital technology

Digital Technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and stands to be one of the most dynamic technology innovations in the manufacturing of eyewear. For the first time, the wearer can actually receive a corrective lens designed especially to accommodate his or her exact prescription.

Unique Digi Contour

NOVA PLUS – clear distortion free vision is no longer a dream. Nova lenses are manufactured using 3D digital branding machine based on your eye prescription so that every surface is ground to exact specification resulting in clarity which has to be seen to be believed

Wider and clear distance and near zone with reduced distortions at the periphery.

Narrow distance and near zone with higher distortions at the periphery.

Abberration Filter System

Nova Plus lens has Aberration Filter System, which allows natural vision over the entire surface of the lens

Nova Plus Lens

Natural and clear vision at the periphery with reduced distortions.

Conventional Lens

Distortion at the periphery with conventional lens.

Binocular Balancing

Binocular Balancing method Calculations are made to connect all the points in the peripheries of the pair of lens to create the smoothest power transitions possible.

Back Surface Aspheric Design

NOVA PLUS is a backsurface aspheric design and hence the prescription is closer to the eye as compared to conventional lenses, hence you get a wider and natural vision compared to conventional lens.

Conventional Lens

Higher order of magnification with smaller vision zones.

Nova Plus Lens

Reduced magnification with wider vision zones as the whole prescription is closer to the eye.