Color Blindness is a reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors. The condition is often inherited. Other causes include certain eye diseases and medication. More men than women are affected by this condition. Color blindness usually involves the reduced ability to distinguish between shades of red and green.

Nova Color Management Lenses have been developed with a view to cope up this reduced ability to a great extent.


Actual Colors:

The natural color visible to a healthy eye.

Red Blindness: (Total / Partial)

Protanopia /ProtanomaIy makes red look dull and less bright.

Green Blindness: (Total / Partial)

Deuteranopia / Deuteranomaly makes green look faded and dull and more towards red.

Blue Blindness: (Total / Partial)

Tritanopia / Tritanomaly is a condition where a person cannot distinguish between blue and yellow colors.

Total Color Blindness (Grey Scale Vision) Achromatopsia

It is a non-progressive and hereditary visual disorder which is characterised by the absence of color vision, The cause of this disorder is absence of functioning cones (photoreceptors) in the retina.


Powered with innovative light filter system, Nova Color Management Lenses have been designed to aid in better color perception to help overcome the limitations caused due to partial red-green color deficiency.


Nova Color Management Lenses filters the light at the precise point where the confusion or excessive overlap of color sensitivity occurs. This overlap creates confusion in primary colors.

These lenses helps in distinguishing these primary colors along the so called confusion line for a given individual.


Utilising an unique light filter system, Nova Color Management Lens technology is applied with mathematical precision to address common forms of red-green color blindness.

Digi Contour Technology

Digital Contour Technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and stands to be one of the most dynamic technological innovations in eyewear industry. With the help of this technology, wearers can actually receive corrective lenses designed especially as per their exact visual requirement

Back Surface Lens Design

With Digi Contour (free-form) Technology, the fabrication of these lenses from wearer’s eyeglass prescription is optimised with computer-controlled surfacing equipment in the back surface of the lens which is much more precise and ensures excellent visual comfort to the wearers.

Available in Single vision and Progressive Lenses

Nova Color Management Lens is exclusively available only with 1.5O refractive index with a front Mirror coat and a back surface Satin+ coating with two color option - Rose Radiance and Mauve Radiance.

Nova Color Premium SV
Nova Color Lifestyle PAL
Nova Color Premium PAL
Rose Radiance
Mauve Radiance