Avant-garde progressive lenses crafted by AI & your unique vision

Progressive lenses impact our way of looking and often require excessive adaptation to the user’s way of looking – also known as the Ocular Dynamics. Nova brings a comfortable optical experience for its discerning customers with tailor-made progressive lens for every individual’s unique way of looking – powered by the most advanced optical technology and AI.

[Ocular Dynamics]

Embracing technology to achieve perfection

The visual technique we use to look at the world around using eye-head movements is called Ocular Dynamics. It evolves throughout life with the development of the oculomotor system and in response to environmental stimuli. Ocular Dynamics helps us to understand each person's unique way of looking.

Redefining knowledge

Through the user’s Ocular Dynamics and Virtual Reality (VR) test, we collect data about their unique way of looking to make an accurate diagnosis. Our ecosystem performs an in-depth analysis to collect the following information

  • Prescription
  • As worn position data
  • Chosen frame

Metamorph to create infinite solutions

Metamorph is a disruptive technology used by NOVA ai to offer limitless solutions to meet the specific needs of every user. It denotes progressive change from one form to another in a continuous, gradual and smooth way.

Delighting our clients with distinct benefits