Freeform Technology with Nova 3Di

Instead of producing progressive lenses with external progression and grinding the spherical and cylindrical powers onto the back of the lens-as was done in the past – the whole prescription of the patient can be applied on the lens back surface and individually calculated – thanks to freeform technology.

Nova 3Di– Retina Forward Design

You will notice a slight divergence between measured and ordered values with Maxima Premium PAL lens , due to the fact that we automatically adapt the lens power based on the angle of inclination, BVD and the object distances relevant for different viewing fields.

The individual spectacle lens

The parameters applied for manufacturing a Nova 3Di are as individualised as your customers. They consist of:

The individual requirements of your customer: fields of application based on lifestyle.

personal preferences

The frame parameters:

1. Frame type-lens width (A height)

2. Lens height (B height)

3. Bridge width (DBL)

The individual parameters of the eyes in connection with the selected frame:

1. Pupilary distance

2. Back vertax distance

3. Angle of inclination

4. Horizontal inclination

5. Fitting height

optional : your customer’s initials – the lens is not only produced individually, but the individual initials can also be engraved on the lens.

Nova 3Di – the individual spectacle lens

Every Individual Is Unique

Always the right progressive corridor length

Your customer is free to choose any frame. Based on the centering data we automatically determine the suitable progressive corridor length and produce it ultra- precisely. Anything is possible between a fitting height of 14 and 22mm (on lens geometric center lacking precision). You do not need to worry any more about progressive corridor lengths. With Nova 3Di, we adapt the progressive corridor length precisely to the desired fitting height.

Optimum support of eye movements

The selection of the ideal progressive corridor length and the optimum inset enable a perfect co-ordination of the progressive corridor lengths of both progressive lenses.

This results in perfect binocular vision and an outstanding 3D perceptio

Nova 3Di – Features at a Glance

Freeform Technology with 100% back-surface design.

The frame dimensions/individual parameters.

Visual behavior and lifestyle of the patient.

Inset automatically chosen.

Retina forward design.

Advanced technology for thin lenses especially at near.

Individual progression length.

Perfect support of eye movement.